ten Methods to Make Your Tennis Tournament “Green”


ten Methods to Make Your Tennis Tournament “Green”

You’ve almost certainly noticed that green is everywhere these days–in the news, politics, style, and technologies – and now it can be in your tennis tournament.

Developing an “environmental impact statement” for your tournament and branding it as a “Green Event” is not only superior for the environment but may well prove valuable to your marketing campaign. It might spark an interest in players who are seeking for a thing unique and are interested in how they can support the atmosphere in all parts of their lives.

Attempt some of the suggestions beneath to “Go Green” at your subsequent tournament:

1. Ban plastic water bottles.
We’ve all observed garbage bins overflowing with empty plastic water bottles. As an alternative of promoting or giving away bottled water, present lots of large water dispensers on the grounds with biodegradable paper cups. (Never forget to have markers offered so men and women can mark their cups!) Or, encourage attendees to bring their personal reusable water bottles.

2. Have on-site recycling bins.
Make certain these empty tennis ball cans and paper cups finish up in recycling bins.

three. Use much less paper.
Paper registration requires the entrant to download the type and print it or choose up a copy from the occasion workplace, fill it out, create a cheque, and then either pay postage to mail it back or get in their auto to drop it off. Employing online registration software program to register attendees on-line makes life simpler for you, since attendees can pay the tournament entry fee electronically by debit or credit card, and they acquire an e mail confirmation immediately letting them know they are registered. You do not have to devote time processing wasteful paper entry forms.

4. If you do need to print materials, use post-customer recycled paper.

five. Recycle employed tennis balls.
Each year around 300 million balls are developed, which contributes roughly 14,700 metric tons of waste in the kind of rubber that is not conveniently biodegradable. There are a few measures you can take to guarantee the dozens of lightly-utilised balls from your tournament don’t finish up in a landfill:
a. Donate old balls to a nearby animal shelter or humane society as toys for dogs.
b. Call nearby senior centers or assisted-living facilities to see if they accept donations. Tennis balls are superb skid stoppers on the legs of walkers.
c. Likewise, inquire at neighborhood schools to see if they want them for muffling squeaky desk legs in classrooms.

6. Print your tournament T-shirts on organic cotton.

7. Have a tennis clothes and shoe drive.
In your advertising and marketing materials, ask attendees to bring old tennis footwear and clothing to the tournament. Donate clothes to a charity and footwear to an organisation that recycles footwear.

8. Use biodegradable banners/signage and serving ware.
Envision folks in a junk yard in the year 2040, pulling your totally-intact non-biodegradable “2009 Tennis Tournament” banner from the rubble. Not a nice thought. Investigation printers that will make your signage on biodegradable materials so the banner is not around longer than we are.

9. Get creative with sustainable prizes.
How about planting a tree in the winner’s honor? Or buying a renewable energy credit from a green power firm? There are lots of ways you can supplement or replace the standard champion’s prize with a “green” prize. Use your imagination!

10. Turn lights off on courts that aren’t being made use of.
This seems obvious, but take extra care to turn off lights on indoor/outside courts that aren’t being utilized. it ops use a lot of energy.

The truth is that just about every single point we do every single day has an influence on the planet — great or terrible. Even smaller alterations can make a distinction and raise awareness in the value of guarding the environment. By incorporating a “green” theme into your subsequent tennis tournament, you can offer anything distinctive to your players although raising awareness in helping the planet.

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