Messages for June 1st, Children’s Day. Send your good thoughts to those you consider children


Messages for June 1st, Children’s Day. Send your good thoughts to those you consider children


June 1st is the best occasion to celebrate childhood and children, to give them our love and appreciation. This day is usually celebrated with parties, various shows dedicated to children or with outdoor gatherings of families, all dedicated to little ones. To bring a smile on the lips of the loved ones you consider children, send them a message, an SMS, a greeting card, from the ones below.

Mesaje de ziua copilului acquired and translated in English

Childhood, always awakens in our souls a feeling of melancholy, is the age at which the human bud barely opens to life and dreams tenderly. Children, so easy to love! A clean and bright smile, gloves full of love!

The 1st of June is your and all children’s day. Be healthy and always with a smile on your face. Enjoy and grow beautifully. Happy Birthday!

Childhood is the gift that life gives us. Let’s enjoy it. Happy Birthday to all children!

Childhood is the age when the deepest joy can be a pure smile. Childhood is a special world, full of light and harmony. Enjoy it, dear children! Happy 1st of June!

From the bottom of my heart, for all the children of the world, today we wish you only joy. Happy Birthday!

Dear children, always keep your childhood in your soul, like a ray of light, and your life will be much more beautiful. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! The day you came into our life was the most beautiful! We hug you dearly! May all your dreams come true!

Happy birthday, children! It’s June 1st! It’s your birthday! Lots of health and lots of joy. Grow up with a smile on your face and let your life be like a clear sky.

Childhood is a smile, a dream, it is joy, It is the bird that slides in the distance, a wandering thought of an eternity. Childhood is a soft flower.

Keep your smile warm, your soul pure and the light in your eyes as on the first day you saw your mother’s face. Happy birthday beautiful baby!

I am proud that you are my child, you enlightened my soul and life from the first moment I saw you. Happy birthday, my dear baby!

A child is the greatest wealth of a man. There is no great miracle and no more beautiful joy than having a child. For all the children of the world, Happy June 1st!

The greatest joy of a child is to play. And what an immense joy! So don’t forget to play and remind others to do the same!

On june 1st is your birthday. I gave you life, but you gave me much more. Even though you grew up, you will always be my dear child. Happy Birthday! I love you so much!

Look at the sky! Each star represents a child. Yours is the brightest and most beautiful of all, because today is your birthday. May your life be warmed by its magical light, may its brightness guide your path, and may the greatness of the star remove all sorrow. Happy Birthday!

Sweet child, even if you are still small, I want you to grow up beautiful, healthy, intelligent, happy, to enjoy mom and dad and the whole world. Have a beautiful childhood like in stories, devoted friends, pleasant emotions and many surprises that will fulfill all your innocent whims.

My child, today is a special day – your birthday! Your family is proud of you, you are a beautiful sun for us. The most desired, dear and expensive. Now, our life is not in vain.

Grow healthy and happy, my sweet child! Take from your father the mind and strength, from the mother the beauty and ingenuity, and from the grandparents – wisdom and patience! Grow to everyone’s joy. Happy Birthday!

Your birthday is to tell you: we will let you go on the road alone, guarding you from behind. We will always believe in you and we will always be waiting for you. Because we love you!

For your birthday, my child, I wish you the whole earth – forests, seas and oceans, exotic countries and unpopulated islands. I want you to conquer the mountains, but wherever you go, don’t forget that your loving parents are waiting for you at home.


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