15 Healthy Kitchen Staples For Fast, Cheap Meals


15 Healthy Kitchen Staples For Fast, Cheap Meals

You’ve made one of the most important steps towards developing and maintaining a healthy diet. Keeping some basic pantry staples is one of the best tips I can give for what’s cbd oil consistently eating a healthy diet. It will provide you with the base for quick and healthy meals so you can easily cook at home rather than turning to take-out.

These alternatives can help you boost your health without compromising on taste. Consider keeping some low-sodium variants of your favorite sauces and condiments, such as ketchup, mustard and vinegar, on hand to help jazz up a meal in short order. When shopping for canned fish and meat, Rice cautions you to “look for no salt added, low-sodium or packed in water” options. If you’re really looking to kick the fiber up a notch in your diet, fiber crispbread can be your best friend. Since these crackers are low-calorie but packed with fiber, they can help maintain your appetite and aid in digestion. If you have a gluten sensitivity or intolerance, some brands like GG crackers are making gluten-free versions of their crispbreads made with seeds.

Vinegar has also been shown to lower triglyceride levels and VLDL cholesterol in animals. Apple cider vinegar is made via a two-step process. First, the manufacturer exposes crushed apples to yeast, which ferments the sugars and turns them into alcohol. Next, they add bacteria to further ferment the alcohol, turning it into acetic acid which is the main active compound in vinegar.

Plain pumpkin can go in warm soups or a quick Pumpkin Spice Mousse. Just mix with equal parts non-fat Greek yogurt and top with cinnamon, nutmeg, and drizzle of honey. Okay, okay — it’s not a can, but this carton offers the same ready-in-minutes convenience and the health benefits of a plant-based, veggie-packed stew.

Cheese is one of those foods I think I could eat at every meal and still not get remotely sick of it. Peeled tomatoes, roasted red peppers, pickled peppers, artichokes and even sauerkraut are versatile supplies for your pantry. Vegetables tend to spoil readily, so diversify the type you are buying when shopping to prepare for COVID-19 physical distancing.

Nuts make so many delicious recipes, and pecans especially are known to be great fall food staples for the most comforting of foods! Not only are they super yummy, but they are a healthy source of fat — which is essential for so many of the body’s processes. MyFitnessPal is the leading app for tracking—and conquering—your nutrition and fitness goals. Log meals from a database of 14 million foods, track physical activity, and learn how to build healthy habits that stick.

In this post, I included some of my favorite pantry staple recipes, as well as a general list of items that I like to keep on hand to avoid last minute trips to the grocery store. I didn’t include fridge or freezer items, but encourage you to keep some of your favorite proteins, vegetables and fruits on hand to round out your meals. One of the best items to keep in your pantry is a collection of dried spices and seasonings. They last, on average, 1-2 years and can help add flavor to your meals. In fact, certain spices like cinnamon may actually provide modest benefits with respect to improving blood sugar control.

Onions and garlic are essential ingredients for building flavor. Potatoes of any variety are also good to have on hand. Most Americans need to reduce their overall salt intake but salt is still a necessary part of making palatable food, so don’t be afraid to use it when making meals at home! The how much cbd oil should i take for anxiety majority of sodium in the Standard American Diet comes from processed and restaurant foods – not salt used during cooking. There’s no greater dinner shortcut than a simmer sauce. Just simmer some sauce (it’s more than just a clever name!) with some meat or vegetables and you’re good to go.

B-complex vitamins provide a variety of health benefits. Most notably, they’re associated with managing energy levels, relieving stress, and boosting cognitive performance—all great benefits when you’re cozying up at home. And let’s be real, your lifestyle is about to become a lot more sedentary, so maintaining optimal amounts of fiber in your diet is crucial to keeping your digestion regular. You don’t have to be concerned that grocery stores are going to run out of stock.

Like lentils, they can be used in soups, stews, and salads. Olive oil is full of monounsaturated fat as well as antioxidants. You can use it to cook with, drizzle it over vegetables, or make your own healthy salad dressing. By now, you have seen Ezekiel bread in my pantry, refrigerator and freezer. That is because I typically have a loaf in each space in my kitchen. The shelf life is not long for Ezekiel bread so it’s good to have a loaf in your refrigerator and freezer at the very least.

Counting calories can help you lose weight, but not if you’re making one of these 7 common mistakes. Reams of studies have deemed antioxidant-packed green tea a health wonder drink. That may be because it contains catechins, which, Palumbo explains, are a type of polyphenol, along with caffeine, which may contribute to boosting your metabolic rate and fat oxidation. Kiwi may also help you have a better night’s slumber.


This is something that you add SO little of, yet makes SUCH a big difference! I love all different flavor extracts, but vanilla is my ultimate go-to, especially around the holiday season! Using the dried cranberries (along with sautéed apples and pecans) to stuff brie cheese before baking.

Because fresh produce has a short life span, I also grab the frozen varieties. I have entire shelves in my freezer stocked with frozen strawberries, raspberries, pineapples, blueberries, cherries, and bananas for when I haven’t had the time for a grocery run. I find that apples, lemons, beets, and carrots store for quite some time , especially compared to raspberries, avocados, and spinach, which start turning almost immediately. Write out your list and pick up some of these healthy pantry staples today. There are lots of canned, frozen, and dried ingredients that taste great and are good for you. You don’t need to worry about using them right away.

There are other ethical and health considerations involved in including fish in your diet. It makes sense, for example, to select fish that are common and abundant, not threatened kratom calories by overfishing. Guests understand and knowingly and voluntarily assume all such COVID-19 related risks related to attending, traveling to and from Events at STAPLES Center.

Not long ago I posted Emergency Plant-based Vegan Pantry Staples right after the coronavirus hit. Because it’s important to have items that will last and are healthy. Pack more veggies into your diet by mixing tomatoes into sauces and chilis, or remix your classic tomato soup by trying this dill version. If you’re looking for a canned soup that doesn’t OD on salt, Amy’s light-in-sodium line has got you covered. This option has an extra kick for spicy food fans with half the amount of salt found in other brands.

Green Foods And 1 Drink That Are Good For You

What we’re looking for are fruits that have a longer shelf life than most and can be enjoyed as a quick snack. Apples, grapes, berries, and pears all fit the bill for shelf life as long as they’re stored in the fridge. You can use these fruits as a quick snack, bake them into something or simply add slices to your breakfast. Is it just me, or do you have a tough time deciding which grain will go best with which recipe? There’s the old standby of brown rice, of course, but then you also have amaranth, barley, black and wild rice , buckwheat, millet, and wheat berries to choose from. Most grains also contain some prebiotic fibers, and as such, they help support a healthy gut microbiome.

Starting Your Pantry

This list of pantry staples are the items that Ilike to keep on hand to help me whip up meals on the fly. They’re basic, versatile ingredients that are used frequently, are usually fairly inexpensive, and have a long shelf life . Your personal list will take shape as you begin to cook regularly and develop favorite recipes or flavors. In the mean time, use this list as a guide for slowly building up your pantry over time. Buy one or two items, as needed, but always check if you need to restock on these items before you do your weekly shop. One of the first steps in planning quick and easy meals to manage diabetes is obtaining the ingredients!

The #1 Best Rotisserie Chicken To Buy

Frozen veggies and fruits can be just as nutritious as the fresh version, with no added sugars or salt. Your freezer can act as an extension of the food pantry. Frozen vegetables and fruits often have just as much nutrition to offer as their fresh counterparts, especially if they are frozen at peak ripeness. You need it to prevent food from sticking to cookware and to add flavor to things. Almost every recipe calls for oil or butter of some kind.

Equipping Your Pantry With The Basic Supplies

Tuna and salmon are both high in omega-3 fats, which help protect your heart. • I also use rice noodles to make chicken & veggie stir fry! I get these organic brown rice noodles at Costco to use in noodle stir-fry with chicken and veggies, but you can find similar ones at lots of grocery stores. In general, I’d rather not buy a ton of special ingredients, especially to make just one recipe. First, specialty gluten-free products tend to be expensive!

You might end up making something new and delicious that your family loves. Next time you go to the supermarket, make sure you grab these healthy pantry staples, so you will always have them on hand to complete your meals. When it comes to eating healthy, we often think of our refrigerator as the place to store our healthy food items. Freezer staples are the easiest to purchase because you never have to worry about wasting money. You can keep most things in the freezer for very long periods of time.

They can turn boring, flavorless food into a drool-worthy creation. Spices have a fairly long shelf life, especially if kept in an air-tight container, away from heat and sunlight. There is no exact expiration date for herbs and spices, but a good way to determine their potency is to give them a sniff. If you can’t smell your spices, you won’t likely be able to taste them in your recipe, either. For super fresh and affordable spices, look for spices sold in bulk and check international grocery stores.

How Are Surgical Staples Placed?

Can drained and rinsed no-salt-added chickpeas, 2 Tbs. We’ve rounded up 10 healthy staples that can wait on standby in your pantry, freezer, or fridge and paired them with 20 of our favorite recipes to get you started. This chicken chow mein is filled with savory ingredients, and this recipe comes together in about 30 minutes! Made from simple ingredients from the pantry, this chicken chow mein recipe is great for any night of the week. With such comforting flavors, this pantry favorite comfort meal will please anyone. We have two freezers for our family to store a variety of things we stock up on as well as meal prepped freezer meals to keep on hand throughout the week.

Food, for example, can be a way to celebrate having more time with your family. Cooking can be a new hobby to explore with more downtime at home, or you could schedule virtual cooking nights with long-distance family and friends. Regardless of which recipe you choose, the first ingredient you’ll need is a positive attitude and an appetite for adventure. The whole world is dealing with the new normal of distance and isolation brought on by the novel coronavirus.

Look for fruits packed in 100% juice or water to cut back on extra sugar. Beans are filled with fiber, protein, and other nutrients. You’ll want to keep some beans like chickpeas on hand. One cup of chickpeas, for example, contains 15 grams of protein and 12 grams of fiber. Nature is pretty amazing when you stop to look at the facts. Chickpeas aren’t the only beans you can keep on hand, black beans, and white northern beans are also great options.

I love dry lentils because they are easy to cook up in just 30 minutes ! But just like other beans, they’re really versatile and can go in just about anything or be eaten plain. I turn to the foil pack hack all the time, especially when trying to meal prep. You can bake them off all at once, then heat up again when it’s time to eat. The recipes below are designed to be prepped on Sunday, and then eaten Monday through Thursday, the busiest part of the week. Do your shopping on Saturday or early Sunday, and then spend Sunday afternoon or evening cooking and packaging up your food .

All you’ll need is almond flour, eggs, and spices. This is only the case if you’re using true bone broth, and not the watered down “stock” commonly available in grocery stores. Bone broth is special because the bones are roasted for flavor, then slowly simmered in water for hours to extract all those amazing nutrients from the bones into the broth.

This is true for the most seasoned chef and for a first-time cook alike. It’s where you keep items that don’t require refrigeration. That means they will always be there for you to bring together a healthy, home-cooked meal. Canned vegetables and ingredients have lots of nutritional value and great shelf-lives. Keep your pantry stocked with these basics to jumpstart your favorite healthy meals. If you are looking for a healthy alternative to those morning pastries, look no further.

It also treats several problems related to digestive health as well as pain and inflammation from arthritic conditions. Its effectiveness is due in part to a compound known as piperine. Research suggest piperine’s ability to inhibit new fat cells from forming, known as adipogenesis, helps reduce waist size and body fat, and optimizes cholesterol levels.

Recipes To Make With Healthy Pantry Staples

Keep a high-quality, unrefined olive oil or extra-virgin olive oil on hand to use for everything from cooking to baking. Mix the oil with balsamic vinegar for a healthy salad dressing, or for dipping steaming hot fresh bread in. Olive oil is the most common staple oil, but other popular options include coconut oil, flaxseed oil, and safflower oil.

Dijon mustard, for example, has about one-third the calories of ketchup and is packed with the same antioxidants found in broccoli and cabbage-with a spicy flavor all its own. Nutritional yeast is a good ingredient for making vegan dishes. It’s a good source of protein and B vitamins that can be used to make vegan cheese sauces, sprinkled over vegetables for added flavor, or stirred into soup. Make a sweet potato and black bean chili, or make a creamy sweet potato soup. I keep them in a basket on the floor of my pantry.

Ingredient Cheesy Sweet Potato Bites

Here are some basics you can keep for a decent amount of time and use in most of your healthy meals. Healthy eating can seem bland, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t need a lot of sugar and salt to make food taste good. Keep a good stock of spices and dried herbs to spice up every meal.

Keep a number of healthy, long-lasting staples your pantry, freezer, and fridge and use them to make nutrient-dense meals and snacks even when you’re out of your typical go-to foods. I’m Lisa and I love healthy food with fresh, simple and seasonal ingredients. I’m a recipe developer, food blogger, YouTuber and massive wanderluster (getting food inspiration from around the world!).

These essential dried goods and super important for baking and cooking! With these simple ingredients, almost any dish can be created. We are definitely in love with a variety of baking ingredients, and we strongly suggest keeping the basics on-hand. No matter what type of lifestyle one may follow, there are so many types of ingredients suitable for any need. Here are some of the most essential items we try to keep on hand, or stock up on when we are able to.

I like keeping a jar in the kitchen for baking, and a jar in the bathroom for beauty. TJ’s coconut oil is organic and unrefined, and you just can’t beat the price. Frozen brown rice is an excellent hack, especially when the kids decide during dinner that they don’t want to eat what’s on the table. These microwavable steamer bags are ready in three minutes and taste great. Serve it as a side with stir-fry or even plain and you’ll have a dinner hero. Brussels sprouts are delicious and nutritious, but sometimes the cleaning and chopping takes too much time to make it worthwhile.

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